5 Microfiber Sunglasses and Glasses Soft Case Cleaner Storage Pouch & Bag

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  • SKU: B088KLR816

  • MULTI-USE STORAGE CASE, POUCH AND BAG ⭆ PROTECT YOUR GLASSES - our “Ischia” Soft Glasses Case and Sunglasses Pouches will help Protect your glasses from scratches from keys, coins and sand. You can even clean your Sunglasses without removing them from the Case for added safety. ⭆ KEEP YOUR COVID FACE MASKS CLEAN and find them easily in your bag, car or around the house.

  • CHEMICAL FREE CLEANING ⭆ our Microfiber pouches double up as glasses cleaning cloths which will restore your Glasses and Lenses to their former glory without the need for any chemicals and without damaging the coating of your glasses lenses. Non-Abrasive, Antistatic, Smooth, Lint-free. MACHINE WASHABLE at up to 30°C

  • SECURE STORAGE ⭆ our Bead Lock and Drawstring will stop all but the smallest contents falling out and unwanted dust and dirt in. The Microfiber will even prevent sand from clinging to the case whilst you are on the beach! A “Sand Free” mini-Beach bag! MULTI-FUNCTION ⭆ use the “Ischia” storage bag for a range of “smalls” such as your covid face mask, phone, camera lenses, keys, coins, cables, earphones and perform well as mini travel wash bags, jewellery pouches and makeup cases.

  • BRIGHT and JOLLY COLOURS ⭆ so that they can be found easily in your bag, in the car, on the beach or around the home. Since they are easily seen they’ll even help stop people treading on them! Use different colours for different objects- Orange for your sunglasses, Navy Blue for your Reading Glasses, Red for your Covid 19 Face Masks, Turquoise Blue for your Phone, Gold for your Jewellery. Perfect colours for men and women.

  • IDEAL SIZE ⭆ measuring 5 Pouches measuring 6.7" x 3.9" (17cm x 10cm) our “Ischia” Sunglasses Pouches and Face Mask Cases will fit all but the biggest frames and masks (for which we have other alternatives- please just ask for details). They easily shrink down to fit in the tightest pockets.

  • 5 Microfiber Sunglasses and Glasses Soft Case Cleaner Storage Pouch & Bag