NKPT Men's Patterned Socks | Mens Fun Funky Funny Colorful Sock Packs 1-2 PK

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  • SOCKS DON’T NEED TO BE BORING: Show the colorful side of your personality with these fun patterned socks. NKPT socks can be worn casually or as dress socks.

  • FABRIC AND FIT: Sock size 10-13 / Shoe size 7-12; NKPT socks are made with a super soft cotton blend that gives them stretch and durability. They’re thick enough to be long-lasting and comfortable, while thin enough for breathability. These socks are built to last many washes and wears.

  • CURATED DESIGNS: When creating our sock collection, we worked with a renowned men’s buyer at a top US department store to curate the selection. After layering a dose of data science, we’re proud to offer these sock packs to customers. We offer 24 different socks pack combinations across offer 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 packs (see our brand store for the rest of our selection). You can trust these socks are as cool as you think they are J

  • GIFT FOR HIM: You might think you’re just gifting fun socks, but in a sense you’re gifting your guy a taste of emotional freedom. Whether you give socks with donuts, dogs, or colorful patterns, you’re giving him a chance to assert individuality. In a culture that suppresses men expressing themselves, that’s a hell of a gift.

  • WE DON’T WANT YOUR $ UNLESS YOU LOVE THEM: We know you have a lot of sock options. Your choice of NKPT is greatly appreciated. If you don’t like your socks, we’ll refund you 100% or issue a replacement. Easy.

  • NKPT Men's Patterned Socks | Mens Fun Funky Funny Colorful Sock Packs 1-2 PK