Celebration of Life (a poem for Brittany)

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

Who knows where I’m going

Frankly, I don’t care

I’ll do what I do best

And figure it out when I get there

So if you’re going to cry

Don’t do it because I’m dead

Cry because I followed my heart

And to heaven I was lead

Every person in my life

Has branded a scar on my soul

And to reciprocate that love

Has been my life long goal

If you’re here today

In remembrance of me

I want you to know

I can rest happily

Doesn’t do any good

Blaming God, fate, or whatever you believe

I was given a blessed and fortunate life

So for that you should not grieve

Be sad I couldn’t take you with me

But I can still go where you go

Because the only thing that’s left behind

Is the memories you know

May those memories leave a

A smile on your face

Or teach you a valuable lesson

Before it’s your time to leave this place

I never understood a Celebration of Life

Why do it after they die?

Celebrate and embrace every day that you’re alive

That’s my final goodbye.

- Author, Alisha Weay

Brittany Olafson (July 25, 1990 - June 13, 2018)

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