Florence Man Testifies on HP 4135

Updated: Mar 18, 2018

That would be me! Check out the write up in the local paper...

In 1993, Oregon adopted the first advance directive legislation in the nation. An advance directive is a legal document that appoints a representative to make health care decisions for another individual when that person becomes incapacitated. Additionally, it allows a person to provide directions and references on receiving life-sustaining treatments when one or more conditions exist, including the following: close to death; permanently unconscious;

progressive fatal illness with inability to communicate, swallow food or water safely, care for self, and recognize family or others; and medical conditions in which life support would not help the condition and would make the person suffer permanent and severe pain. The advance directive does not apply when individuals can make their own health care decisions. The current advance directive has not been modified since 1993.

House Bill 4135 establishes the Advance Directive Adoption Committee, which is required to review the current advance directive form every four years. It specifies that future changes to the advance directive form require legislative action through a legislative measure before becoming effective in Oregon.

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