Fortuitous Day at the State Capital Building

What at a fortuitous day. Started off with private Capitol tour from long time Hometown friend John Reis.

Met up with an author/ professor from Massachusetts who is writing a book on Oregon and the Death With Dignity law, who has been interviewing me for her book. She accompanied me to my meeting with my state representative Caddy McKeon ( who was very receptive and supportive of what we are doing.

Representative McKeon told me they were having a house committee on Health Care hearing about HB 4135. This bill established Advance Directive Adoption Committee for purpose of adopting form of advance directive to be used in this state. The bill is important for people who would like to determine in advance their level of care if they are diagnosed with dementia.

The bill was turned down last year due to lack of support. Representative McKeown told me they had tons of people opposing the bill, she encouraged me to testify in support of it.  There were only 4 of us testifying in favor of the bill. It went very well and the committee chairman looked at me and said “I’m with you”. I didn’t quite hear him so I asked him to repeat it, which he did and everybody heard it. Too bad they wouldn’t let me rebut any of the opponent’s testimony. They leave out common sense.

You can read about this very important bill and track it’s progress by using link below

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