Join Us for A Rally at the State Capitol, Monday April 1!



We can't do it alone… Come join us at the rally in front of the State Capitol building on Monday, April 1 at 9:30 am!

Michelle, Sheri and I have been working with the State Legislators. Three House Bills and one Senate Bill seeking to expand Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act have been introduced in the current session. But we are just three voices and desperately need your support! The first and most modest of the bills, House Bill 2217 recently had a hearing before the House Committee on Health Care. Because I was the only one who testified in favor of House Bill 2217, with many testifying against the bill, the Chairman of the Committee has decided there is not enough interest to bring the other bills forward. So, as of right now, House Bill 2309, known as Brittney's Bill and House Bill 2232 are not even scheduled for a hearing.

I know it is difficult for the seniors and disabled who support the bills to travel to the Capitol to give testimony. This week I went to the offices of all the Representatives on the Committee and let them know this is unfair; they are not supporting their senior and disabled constituents. A large ad will run on Sunday in the Oregonian announcing the rally. Don’t let the opponents who are financed by national special interest groups take away our rights for compassionate choices. Come have your voice be heard!

If you are unable to make it to the rally, please email Committee Chair, Andrea Salinas at or call her office at 503-986-1438 to let her know you support House Bills 2309 and 2232 and would like her to schedule a hearing! Let her know you would be there at the rally and would give testimony if you were able.

Thank you for helping us help everyone!

Bruce Yelle, Director

End Choices

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