WTH... Cancer You Say!?!

Times up. Many, many years ago I drew a line in the sand as to the point where unbearable suffering causes my quality of life to become unacceptable to me. That line has been reached. It has always been no chemotherapy, no major abdominal surgery and nothing that would cause continual doctor's appointments and hospital visits.

My recent diagnosis of pancreatic cancer with a fast-growing tumor takes me right to that line. Any treatment would not prolong my life significantly only adding an average of three years to my life with significant discomfort, pain and suffering during the treatment phase. Without treatment the average life expectancy is one and a half years. And if I were to do the treatments and they were successful I would still have Parkinson's and my other diseases to deal with.

I have elected no treatment and will start my celebration of life party and goodbye tour and make them last as long as I can. I am 67 and have no children. I have lived a good life with no regrets, so let's get the party started...

Thank you all for the love and support I receive.

Bruce Yelle

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